Basic Elements

Adult: Beginner

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This is a one-week course (3hrs/day). The primary subject revolves around the core elements of drawing. Working with pen, pencil, and charcoal, participants explore a range of styles and approaches. This is suitable for adult beginners and early intermediates that want to learn or improve their drawing skills.


Develop the tools to make beautiful/interesting drawings. Get the fundamentals down and use them to draw from life and photo references.


  1. Intro & Line (Blind Contour and Modified Blind Contour)
  2. Shapes, Sighting and Triangulation (Measuring and Contour from Still Life)
  3. Form, Value, Texture (Geometric Forms and Still Life Study)
  4. Space (Contrast Drawing Exercise, Simplified Landscape)
  5. Draw from a Photo (Charcoal Value Drawing)


At the end of these classes, participants will have undergone the steps used to make a large charcoal drawing (and several smaller drawings and preliminary work). An understanding of the basic elements and principals of drawing will have been developed through application and discussion.


Compressed Charcoal, Vine Charcoal, Kneaded Eraser, Rubber Eraser, Basic 8×11 Sketchbook, 2-3 Pieces of Charcoal paper, 2 black pens (Jelly Roll), and Pencils