Pen and Ink Illustration Pen and Ink Illustration

Adult: Beginner – Intermediate

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This is a 5-day course (3hrs/day). The primary subjects relate to illustration styles, developing ideas, and visual explanation. Working with pen and ink, participants generate and develop illustrations. This class will be best for people who have some experience drawing but want to take it further.


Develop the tools to make clear and useful drawings. Use the fundamentals to draw from life and photo references.


1.     Introduction: materials and uses (dip pens, technical pens, and painting with brushes).

2.     Composition and Planning (layout design with thumbs and drafts, basics to inking and line variation/weight).

3.     Mark Making (value, depth and calligraphic marks – hatching and stippling textures)

4.     Gradual Additive Process (corrections and iterations)

5.     Finishing Touches (Final Drawing Completion)


At the end of these classes, participants will have undergone the steps used to make at least one large ink drawing (and several smaller drawings from preliminary work/exercises). An understanding of the elements and principals of drawing will have been developed through application and discussion.

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Basic 8×11 Sketchbook (preferably with a bit of texture/tooth, acid free, and not too thin), 2-3 Pieces of Large/Poster Size/Good Quality Paper, 2 (or more) Black Pens (Jelly Roll are good), Fountain Pen (various nibs), Small Paintbrush, Bottle of Ink and Pencils.