Composition and Planning (layout design with thumbs and drafts, basics to inking and line variation/weight).

From Line > Shapes: Blocking In Shapes

If you plan to finish the art in mediums other than the pencil you start with, use very wispy, light, almost-can't-see-it lines. This will keep the drawing clean (no pencil smudging around) and makes it easy to make changes (progressively slightly darker stages).

Look for the biggest, simplest, and weighted shapes first. Measure the relationship of objects on the page (positive space) as well as the space that flows in and around them (negative space).

Keep it simple. Avoid getting lost in details or shading. Try to consider where you will place things on the page, in terms of composition.

If there are limbs or long parts sticking out, try to avoid accidentally running out of room. Measure and keep it light.

-Looking for Shapes (In Newspaper)

For another example check out the first 3:40 mins of this video to see how to start a drawing.

Measuring Proportion:



Line Weight: 

Shape Placement and Composition:


Light to Dark>Top to Bottom>Left to Right>Background to Foreground>General to Specific

Go through the steps to make a drawing of a black and white photo or still life drawing.