Review of Light and Shadow Mapping, and Mark Making (from Day 3)

Common Mistakes:

Cross Hatching Tips:

Day 4.     Building, Gradual Additive Process (corrections and iterations)

While it is my opinion that drawing from observation is one of the most powerful tools
in art, it is possible to learn formulas and learn about the 'building blocks' to
compose imagined/constructed pictures. 

Here are some examples:
(Notice the use of cross contour to find form, and mark making choices that suggest 

In this next example, notice the conceptualization (thumbnail drawings) in the margin,
helping learning and understanding of the form. Also notice the foreground is very
dark, and that things get lighter as they go back in space. (one thing I would do 
differently, is I would do the background first, and move to front (as to order of 

This one shows the advantage of doing many versions of something (iterative drawing). 
Not only will it help you understand your subject, it can help you explore 
possibilities (very useful if working for commercial purposes {with a client}).

Tips on Inking:

Making mistakes! If it's a small mistake you can darken the whole drawing/area to 
cover it up. Otherwise you may want to start over tracing it on a light table.
There are wite-out like products (matte acrylic) but they are usually visible.

Tracing on light table: